Saturday, December 8, 2007

Different Points of View

A while ago, I had the pleasure of speaking to the Seal Beach Leisure World Writer's Club on the subject of point of view. During the talk I read excerpts from my historical romance, Rogue's Hostage, to illustrate the points I wanted to make.

Imagine my surprise and delight afterwards when I received a note from the club president, Shirley Roberts, containing a poem she had written based on my talk. I asked her if I could post it to my blog and she graciously agreed.


by Shirley Roberts

Linda spoke of Point of View
An idea not so new
But when applied to love and sex
Can often reader's mind perplex.

First she-view tells of handsome face,
Firm muscles, smile and strident pace,
Eyes that probe with deep desire
Sure to set her own on fire.

He-view sees innocence, temptation
Filling him with contemplation.
Holding her within strong arms
Victim of her female charms.

There are no sublime surprises.
Transpires just as one surmises:
He - the hunter, she - the prey
Or they reverse another day

Depicts a short vicarious fling
Providing sense of the real thing.
But what you feel is up to you -
It all depends on point of view.

c. 2007

I think Shirley did a marvelous job and I can't thank her enough. Her poem brightens my day whenever I read it.


And speaking of Rogue's Hostage, I recently produced a video book trailer for that story. A video trailer gives a different point of view of a book, say a blurb or excerpt, as it can convey the overall tone of the story, whether it be adventurous, menacing, romantic, sexy, etc. I used more urgent music for Rogue's Hostage than I've done for other video trailers, since the story is darker and more adventurous than most of my work.

I hope you enjoyed the poem and video.


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