Saturday, February 23, 2013

Rogue's Hostage Blog Tour

To celebrate the re-release of the book of my heart, Rogue's Hostage, I'm doing a blog tour and giveaway. Visit any of the blogs below and leave a comment to enter to win a $10.00 gift card of the winner's choice: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Starbucks, etc. Or leave a comment here, as well. Each comments earns a chance to win, so visit often!

Here's the schedule:

Sat., Feb. 23: Brynna Curry's Valentine Event
Topic: Romantic Quebec

Mon. Feb. 25: Lois Winston's Killer Crafts & Crafty Killers 
Topic: Colonial Crafts

Feb. 26, Tues. TRS main blog 
Topic: Book of My Heart

Feb. 27, Wed. Lyndi's Love Notes
Topic: Armchair Travels: Quebec

Feb. 28, Thu. Diana Rubino's blog
Topic: Tarot de Marseilles

Mar. 1, Fri. Egg-cerpt Exchange with Tina Gayle
Note: Tina will be guesting here while I am at her blog.

Mar. 2, Sat. Cynthia Woolf's blog
Topic: Interview plus additional giveaway

Hope you will join me to explore the dangerous and exciting world of Rogue's Hostage

Rogue's Hostage is now available as an electronic download from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and coming soon to Smashwords and other online retailers. For more information and to read an excerpt, go to


Friday, February 22, 2013

Egg-cerpt Exchange: Birds Do It!

Welcome to Lizzie Starr, today's Egg-cerpt Exchange Author. In turn, I will be at her StarrWords blog with an excerpt from Worth The Risk by Lyn O'Farrell.

A search for truth, switched babies, and a threat from the past all conspire to destroy the love Birdie found with Garr and his daughter, Rachelle.

Birds Do It!

Macaws as lovebirds?

An avian expert, Birdie Simons is called to help control a cantankerous hyacinth macaw during a young girl’s birthday party. Inexorably drawn to each other, she and single father Garr Logan share an afternoon of joy and bittersweet memories, for Garr’s wife died the same day as Birdie’s newborn child.

Something about Rachelle makes Birdie wonder if the golden-haired girl is her daughter, switched at birth. Then her child’s father returns, dogging her search for understanding and throwing her deeper into fear and confusion.

Ready to move on after his wife’s death, Garr wants the intriguing woman, but Birdie keeps the search, threats and hidden relationships to herself, driving a wedge between them.

Will discovering the truth from nine years ago bring them closer, or forever tear them apart?


“A sexy hero, a believable heroine, and *lizzie starr's clever brand of humor make her an author to watch out for. With a premise so delightful I wish I had thought of it, Birds Do It! will keep you turning pages with a smile.”
** Cheryl St.John

“Filled with wit, humor and suspense, a hero to die for, a charming heroine, a delightful child and a lonely parrot, this one is a keeper. It sparkles.”
**Margaret B. Lawrence Caresse; A Loving Touch   Michael; A Gift Of Trust

Short excerpt

Her brows drawn together, Birdie eased the cage door closed. “I know.” Her expression brightened. “Take off your shirt.”

Garr took a startled step back. Unfortunately, this was not the time for his fantasies to come true. “I beg your pardon.”

“It’s your shirt. Do you wear a lot of blue?”

“Yes?” His response was slow, the word drawled from his lips.

“Brutus is threatened by you. Birds have excellent color vision and strong color sensitivity. Since he’s blue, when you wear a blue shirt and tower over him, he gets scared. He’s not angry, he’s frightened. Either take off your shirt, or get out of here.”

Garr liked hearing her order him to strip, it brought wicked thoughts that had no place in a day filled with a child’s birthday party. He tamped down his response and tried to ease the pressure of his tight jeans as he pulled his shirt free. At her signal, he tossed the shirt behind a chair.

Birdie stared at the expanse of male chest. Oh, God, that was a mistake. The thick sprinkling of hair tapered to a thin line down his flat abdomen, disappearing into the waistband of his jeans. Heat flooded her chest and crawled up her neck to cover her face. Those jeans were fuller than before, the tightness more pronounced over his...

 Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo

Meet *lizzie starr
*lizzie always made up games and stories to keep her company, so, a witch lived in Grampa’s weather research station and was only held at bay by waving a certain weed. An ancient road grader morphed into boat a carrying wild adventurers to islands filled with sheep that turned into lions and cannibals. Now, filled with fantasy and love, the stories of her imagination have found their way into the mundane world. And when *lizzie has to return to that mundane life, she’s *the Lunch Lady* at a private school. 

Author and lunch lady~~what a combination!    
*lizzie adores hearing what you think about her tales of romance with a sparkling twist. You can visit her blog at, her  website at or contact her


Check back through the end of March for more Egg-cerpt Exchanges.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rogue's Hostage Re-Release

I'm happy to announce that the slightly revised edition of Rogue's Hostage with a fabulous new cover by the nulti-talented Lex Valentine.

Rogue's Hostage is now available at BN Nook and will soon be coming to Amazon and Smashwords. On Saturday, I start my blog tour, including a $15 gift card giveaway of the winner's choice. Leave a comment to be entered to win.

Linda McLaughlin

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Valentine's Day Kiss

Are you enjoying Valentine's Day? My husband bought me the requisite box of dark chocolates from See's, so I am. Here's a first kiss excerpt from Worth The Risk by Lyn O'Farrell, just for Valentine's Day.

First Kiss Excerpt:

The man had romance on the brain, but this time she had to agree. The town was lovely, with tall palm trees and a sandy crescent of beach ringing the glistening bay. It was a picture perfect day as they strolled along the waterfront to one of her favorite seafood restaurants.

After a delicious lunch of fresh swordfish they walked the town, stopping at all the tourist spots. They hiked up to the botanical gardens, visited the Casino where haunting echoes of the Big Band era seemed still alive, and went on the Glass Bottom boat.

“Let’s take a walk on the beach,” Mitch suggested as they stepped onto the pier.

They shed their shoes and socks, enjoying the feel of the warm sand on their toes. Amanda breathed deeply of the sea air and sighed in contentment.

“It’s been such a nice day, I hate to go home,” Mitch observed.

“You just don’t want to get back in the plane,” she teased.

“On the contrary, I can’t wait to take off over that drop-off gorge. I hope it doesn’t leave Josh fatherless.”

“You don’t have any confidence in me.”

“I haven’t booked passage on the boat, have I? You can’t get rid of me that easily.”

He gave her a look that told her the man loved a touch of danger. Her plan had backfired. Instead of discouraging him, he seemed even more interested. That should bother her, but somehow it didn’t.

“I’ve really enjoyed this.” He gestured at the town. “It’s like another world.”

She nodded in agreement. “That’s the reason I enjoy flying over here. It’s so easy to forget about the stress of daily life.”

He slipped his arm around her shoulders. “What kind of pressure are you going back to at the library?”

The pressure is right here. She was constantly fighting her attraction to this man. “Nothing really,” she remarked casually. “We’re getting ready for Halloween and I’ve got to get a costume together. I’m supposed to be Sleeping Beauty.”

“Oh? That has possibilities.” He leaned closer so his lips brushed her temple. His throaty voice whispered in her ear, “You’ll need a prince to kiss you awake, you know. I’ll be happy to volunteer for the job.”

Amanda’s breath quickened as she stared into his darkened eyes. He wouldn’t. Not here, on a public beach, in front of everyone.

He would.

She felt her knees weaken as his mouth descended. Her mind told her to pull away but her body had no desire to back out of his embrace. His kiss was as light and tender as an ocean breeze, but her reaction was anything but cool. Her pulse pounded and her heart jumped erratically.

It’s just a kiss, she told herself. But even as they pulled apart she felt a burning desire, an aching need, to feel his arms around her.

“You can’t deny it,” he whispered.

“Deny what?”

“The chemistry between us. It’s been there from the beginning.” He started to draw her close.

“No.” Her gaze caressed his face for a brief moment, then she turned away to look out at the glistening water. She couldn’t let this happen. She should have known better than to bring him here.

Her boastful words of the other day came back to mock her. I could make that racecar driver sit up and take notice if I wanted to. She wasn’t the one who was supposed to be affected. She should have known he was out of her league.

What had she gotten herself into?


How are you celebrating today?


PS Congratulations to JS who won the $10 Gift Card in the Firsts Blog Hop giveaway.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

First Book Second Chances

I'm excited to be part of the Firsts Blog Hop sponsored by Marketing For Romance Writers along with forty other authors. I hope you are enjoying all the different posts. Our blog hop giveaway is a $10.00 gift certificate of the winner's choice, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, etc. Leave a comment below to enter.

There is nothing more exciting for a writer than that first published book. You never forget the day you get “the call” or the day you behold that first published copy, though nowadays it’s just as likely to be an e-book as a print book. But it’s exciting either way, like your birthday and New Year’s Eve all rolled into one.

My writing partner, Anne Farrell, and I each got the call one October quite a few years ago, and our book was published the following April, as Private Affair, Kensington Precious Gem #121, and for an entire month it could be seen in the book section at Wal-Mart! Then it disappeared for more than a decade.

So it is almost as exciting for us to now see the book, now titled Worth The Risk, getting a second chance to reach readers in an updated and revised e-book version. 

Worth The Risk is all about second chances, something our main characters could use. All are wounded: Amanda from a humiliating experience in her past, Mitch from a terrible accident and disastrous marriage, and little Josh from the death of his mother.

Click here for more information including buy links.


Children's librarian Amanda Lloyd values privacy above all else. Three years ago her wedding ended in disaster when her groom was arrested at the altar and the story of the 'Embezzler's Bride' appeared in the supermarket tabloids. The experience has left her determined to avoid being caught in the public eye again. Until she meets a sexy single dad with a scandalous past. 

Ex-racer Mitch Delaney is a public figure whose life has been plastered across the tabloids more than once. But he believes that anything worth doing is worth a risk. After the death of his ex-wife, he moved to Southern California to take care of his son Josh. He doesn't need the complication of a woman in his life, especially since Josh's grandparents have filed suit for custody. But Josh is on the hunt for a new mother and he has his heart set on Miss Amanda, and Mitch can't fault his son's taste.

Against her better judgment, Amanda finds herself falling for both of the Delaney men. When she agrees to accompany Mitch to a high-profile movie premiere, they draw the attention of the tabloids. Overnight Amanda’s private affair becomes very public indeed, threatening her job and Mitch’s custody suit. She’s waited twenty-eight years for the right man. But will happiness come at too high a price?

Worth The Risk is available in e-book format from the following ebookstores:

Amazon Kindle, Apple iTunes, Kobo, Nook, Smashwords and Sony Reader

Anne and I hope you enjoy the blog hop. Leave a comment below to win our blog hop giveaway: a $10.00 gift certificate of the winner's choice, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, etc. If you are commenting anonymously, leave your email address so we can find you.

Happy blog hopping!

Linda McLaughlin and Anne Farrell
w/a Lyn O'Farrell

Anne Farrell
Linda McLaughlin
Amazon Author Page:

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Book Review Club: Culture Clashes

In January, my library readers group chose Different Cultures as our topic of the month. In January, I reviewed American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North America by Colin Woodard. This month, I'm reviewing two more books that reflect the clash between different cultures.

Major Pettigrew's Last Stand
by Helen Simonson
Random House, 2010

... is that rare bird, a mature romance, in this case between retired Major Ernest Pettigrew and an English-born Pakistani woman, Mrs. Jasmin Ali, both widowed. The two are drawn together when she learns of the death of Major Pettigrew's younger brother, which hits him hard. Mrs. Ali is sympathetic and helpful and the major discovers she is an intelligent, thoughtful, well-read woman of sense. Their relationship raises eyebrows among the Anglo villagers as well as Mrs. Ali's extended family. There are numerous subplots involving family and friends and the golf club, and a pair of antique hunting guns inherited from the major's father who was a hero during the turmoil of the India-Pakistan partition. A reenactment of his heroic defense of an Indian princess on a train at the golf club annual gala ends in a hilarious melee.

I quite fell in love with Major Pettigrew. He's conservative and likes everything done in proper fashion, but has a droll sense of humor that had me chuckling throughout. I especially enjoyed some of his pointed comments about Americans.

I recommend this book to anyone looking for an intelligent and emotionally satisfying read.

Indian Maidens Bust Loose
by Vidya Samson
Amazon exclusive, self-published

A friend told me about this book, so I picked up a copy for my Kindle. It is Indian chick lit and is absolutely hilarious. The main character is Nisha Desai, a young college-educated Indian woman, with a degree in Communications. She loves romance novels and want to visit the U.S., so is ecstatic when she learns that her aunt and two American-born cousins will be coming to visit. Her younger sister, the acid-tongued Vinita, is less thrilled, since the girls have to give up their room to the cousins and move to the basement. Life is complicated by their traditional father's attempts at matchmaking, especially since he has such awful taste in prospective suitors. The American cousins arrive and cause a stir wherever they go, with comic results. The funniest subplot involves a "sacred" cow their father installs in the backyard. But all's well that ends well, and I laughed out loud through the whole book.

As always, click on the graphic below for more great book reviews from the members of Barrie Summy's Book Review Club!


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