Monday, December 8, 2008

Win a Kindle For Christmas!

A group of authors, including moi, have banded together to offer one lucky winner an Amazon Kindle. Click on the graphic below for details:

I've had my Kindle for over a year now and I'm still loving it. My acupuncturist lusts after mine, esp. since I showed him how to search the Kindle store from the exam room and we discovered that the Shanghai Daily is now available to Kindle users, along with 27 other newspapers, 18 magazines and 2 dozen or so blogs. And that's in addition to the almost 200,000 books Amazon claims is available for the Kindle.

Another thing lots of people don't realize is that the Kindle can read unsecured Mobipocket,. which adds lots of small press books into the mix. Most of my novellas and short stories are available in Mobipocket (.PRC) format. Click here for more on the Kindle.

The only problem is that since Oprah declared the Amazon Kindle one of her favorite things, people wanting to buy the device are having to sait 2-3 weeks to get one, just like I did last year.

Other e-reading options include the Sony Reader which is sold at Borders and Target, as well as online, and the, currently on sale for for the holidays.

Please forgive the commercial, but I'm a committed e-book reader.

Linda / Lyndi


Teresa said...

Hi Linda,

I'm not sure that searching 37 websites to find the answers to 37 questions really is "free". You have to WORK hard for it. But when I have time, I will work on it. I have been drooling for a Kindle since seeing yours at Euclid Readers.


Linda McLaughlin said...

Teresa, lol, that is work, but at least all it costs is your time. Good luck!


Kathleen Rowland said...

Linda, ebook reading is the way of the future. The Kindle is top of the line, and it's terrific that your group is giving one away. For now I'm content with my ebookwise reader. It won't be long until everyone has one. It's interesting that some newspapers are moving toward ebook technology. -Kathleen

Beth Yarnall said...

Ebooks are clearly the wave of the future. I know you have been as interested as I have at RWA's attitude toward ebooks as they affect the RITA/Golden Heart contests. I'm not sure yet how I feel about it. I do love the feel and weight of a book in my hands and yet I don't know what to do with them when I'm done reading them. That seems like a waste of trees since I won't read them again. I will have to find the time to do the "work" to win the Kindle your group is giving away (How generous!!).
It's the future, weather I'm ready for it or not.

Barbara Martin said...

I have read the Kindles are the up and coming ebook reader. Very convenient for agents, too.

Anonymous said...

I'm blushing because I hardly understand the Kindle. I hear such wonderful things about it and your 'commercial' certainly made me think about adding it to my Christmas list. Hmm. I just might enter the giveaway contest, Linda. I just might... :-)