Saturday, February 28, 2009

What Linda needs

I discovered a fun meme at MySpace and thought I'd try it here. Google your name and the word "needs" in quotes ("Linda needs") and see what you get. List the first 7 entries in the comment section below. The quote marks are important...

Honestly, I didn't know what a mess I was until I did this. ;)

1. Linda Needs Mental Help (sh, don't tell anyone)
2. Linda needs a new best friend
3. Linda needs as much free space at the front of the platform as possible (?)
4. Linda needs a fresh perspective (actually this refers to the Loma Linda city council, but it fits me pretty well, too)
5. Linda needs help
6. Linda Needs An Extraordinary Meeting (hoping to get that next week at EPICon)
7. Linda Needs Encouragement and Support (this is so true)

I also tried the meme with my pseudonym Lyndi and got more varied and interesting results.

Lyndi needs
1. to be reported to 1-800-BISHOP for swearing on the court (yeah, that Lyndi is a potty mouth, lol)
2. Lyndi needs one (a warm hat) to keep those long ears warm. (apparently Lyndi is also a dog's name)
3. Lyndi needs to turn 14 or gain 344 more Vampire points (whatever)
4. Lyndi needs to wear her ankle braces AT ALL TIMES! (wrist brace, actually)
5. What Lyndi needs now. Looking for a supportive networking group that specializes in online marketing (now, that I could use!)
6. Lyndi needs to go to Costco to pick up a bunch of photos
7. Lyndi needs to get it out of garage! (???)

These are the first 7 but number 9 is the best: lyndi needs god damn time. (I said she was a potty mouth.) But who doesn't need more time. Twenty-four hours in the day just don't seem like enough anymore.

What do you need?

Linda / Lyndi


Travis Erwin said...

I did this a while back and the first two for me then were ...

Travis needs another beer, and
Travis needs some lovin'

I can't argue with either.

Linda McLaughlin said...

LOL, Travis, you got much better results than I did. I never object to another beer. ;)

Teresa said...

This if fun, Linda. I got

1. Teresa needs to lay off the sauce!! (I guess I'll give my beers to Travis)
2. Teresa needs you.
3. Teresa needs one more miracle to become a saint (I thought I was one already).
4. Teresa needs some serious help (that's what my kids always tell me)
5. Teresa needs to quit trying so hard to "not just be a pretty face" at the playboy mansion (didn't know my figure qualified to get there)
6. Teresa needs a profile on
7. Teresa needs your help.

Thanks for the smile :)

Barrie said...

Hey, I just got "Barrie needs to settle down and show better judgment"!! Say what?!

Linda McLaughlin said...

Teresa, glad I'm not the only one who needs help. And gosh, I thought you were nearly a saint, too. ;)

Barrie, you need to quit running around so much and stay home for a change. :)