Monday, April 27, 2009

My Town Monday: Anaheim Public Library

Anaheim's public library began in a room in a candy store in 1901, but a mere seven years later, moved into a new building financed by a grant from steel magnate/philanthropist Andrew Carnegie in 1908. His original investment was all of $10,000.00. The old building still stands and became the Anaheim Muzeo in 1987.

The "new" central library building (pictured below) was authorized by a vote of the residents of Anaheim in 1960 and opened in 1963. Located at the corner of Broadway and Harbor Boulevard, the building comprised fifty thousand square feet designed to hold 200,000 volumes when it opened. With typical Cold War thinking, part of the basement was set aside as a bomb shelter. Now the basement houses multipurpose reading rooms, storage and a staff room.

Over the years, as Anaheim grew, so did the library system which now consists of the Central Library and five branches: Euclid, Haskett, Sunkist, Canyon Hills and East Anaheim.

The Central Library recently underwent extensive remodeling. The Children's Room was expanded, as was the Young Adult section, and encompasses most of the ground floor, along with the Computer Lab and video section. I love this mural outside the entrance to the Children's Room where I used to work.

All of the adult materials were moved upstairs, and the library's Anaheim Heritage Reading Room was moved to the Muzeo.

On the third Saturday of the month, my readers group meets in one of the cozy study rooms on the second floor to discuss the books we've read. Despite the wealth of data at my fingertips over the internet and my preference for reading e-books, I still visit the local library regularly and check out and read books. I've been a library lover since I was a small child, and I doubt that will ever stop.

Do you still use your local library? If not, why not?


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debra said...

We use 2 libraries on a regular basis. I frequently order books online, but there is no substitute for wandering among the stacks, seeing what asks to be read.

Teresa said...

Hooray for libraries!!!

Linda McLaughlin said...

Debra, I couldn't agree more. I've found some fascinating books just by browsing in the stacks.

Travis Erwin said...

We do use our library and the boys especially love the summer programs.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I go to my local library at least twice a week. It's only three blocks away.

David Cranmer said...

I hope they never go away. They probably will but they are such a wonderful institution of learning. As a kid I would go to our library on Saturday and stay all day. Great memories.

Linda McLaughlin said...

Travis, Patti and David: yes, the library is a great place for both kids and adults, and I, too, hope they never go away. The question is, do we as a society want to go on funding them? It seems like the library budgets shrink every year.

Barbara Martin said...

I frequent the library in my neighbourhood by giving them my research books and ARCs when I'm through with them.

Linda McLaughlin said...

That's great, Barbara. Libraries always appreciate good donations. :)