Thursday, May 2, 2013

More Historical #bookbuffet

The Book Lovers’ Buffet contnues. Load up, you won’t gain a pound!

The Buffet’s “Bouquet of Books” sale will be open May 1-3. More than 175 e-books, all reduced in price to just 99 cents. Save in categories such as Young Adult, Contemporary, Paranormal, Suspense, Erotic Romance, and more, including my historical romance Rogue's Hostage!

PLUS, visit the website to win gift cards to your choice of online retailers. $400 in gift cards up for grabs!

Today's focus is on foreign-set historical romances, including Regencies.

An Exotic Heir - Meredith Bond

Warning--dangerous to your heart:
love and revenge in Regency Calcutta.

To Dare the Duke of Dangerfield - Bronwen Evans

Book #1 Wicked Wagers Trilogy, Regency Romance

Spirited heroine, rakish duke, and three wagers that will change their lives…

Wear Black - Heather Hiestand
Victorian Paranormal

Death is only the beginning... Vampires & Jack the Ripper!

Redeemed - Jill Hughey
Medieval Romance

Doeg has two requirements in a wife. Philantha has only one, but it will test the barriers he has erected around his body and heart.

To Wed the Earl - Anthea Lawson
A Regency Novella

When the rakish Earl of Edgerton catches Miss Miranda Price breaking into his library at midnight, secrets are revealed that will change the course of their lives... forever.

Ventre a Terre - Lydia M. Sheridan
Quirky Regencies Sweetly Told

Rosamund Hilliard, singing for her supper at the grand houses of England, must flee her suitors when her scheming is discovered

Go to the Book Lovers Buffet site for all the books and buy links. Enjoy!

My Lady Elinor's Escape new release giveaway continues through May 5. I'm giving away a $10.00 gift certificate of the winner's choice: Amazon, BN, Starbucks, etc. Winner will be notified on May 6. There are several ways to enter.

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Gemma Juliana said...

Hi Linda,

My books are not in foreign historicals, but thought I'd drop by anyway to say hi. My story, The Sheikh's Spy, is part of a series. The prequel, The Amulet, is historical but in a make-believe world. Series: Sheikhs of the Golden Triangle. The Sheikh's Spy is in the 99 cent sale thru May 3 and can be found at:

Linda McLaughlin said...

Great, Gemma, I love fantasy settings, too.

I hope more authors will add their blurbs.

woolfcindy said...

TAME A WILD WIND - Love Is Never Easy

Former Texas Ranger Sam Colter isn't looking for love. Neither is pretty widow Cassie O'Malley. But when a man stalking Sam for killing his brother kidnaps Cassie, Sam discovers it's more than duty that sends him racing to her rescue. Will Cassie realize the truth about her own feelings before it's too late?

Teresa said...

Thanks for the tip on where to find cheap books, Linda. I followed the link and found lots of good bargains!

Jill Hughey said...

Thanks for posting the Buffet!

Opal Carew said...

Thanks for featuring the book buffet… I have 4 books on sale, under my alternate name AMBER CAREW:

Trust and betrayal while undercover

Angel is experienced in a lot of things, but love isn't one of them.

Angel has been deep undercover in the mob for too many years. Love is the last thing on her mind. Until Frank walks into her life once again. She almost fell in love with him four years ago, but had to betray him to the mob to protect her cover. He barely got away with his life, and now he hates her.

Too bad they've been partnered to work together. As man and wife.

Surrender control to sexy stranger

The intensely sexy stranger was everything she wanted in a man, and everything she hated. He was intelligent, passionate, and compelling. Authoritative, domineering, and stubborn. And he would stop at nothing to convince her to surrender to him, body and soul.

Even though she sensed he would never hurt her, his ability to bend her to his will terrified her. She vowed never to surrender control. But ultimately, would she have a choice?

Overwhelmed by a dominating stranger

For some reason, Fate has been messing with Lucinda's love life.

By all known wizard lore, she should have bonded with her mentor Rand, but there's simply no chemistry between them. When she gets "The Call", which shouldn't happen for her, she is faced with an incredibly sexy, entirely naked man in an alley in Paris. Getting "The Call" means she is supposed to be his mentor... and his one true love. Clearly Fate thinks her life is a joke.

Now she is stuck mentoring a man who is utterly domineering, overwhelmingly masculine, incredibly irresistible and, according to her most trusted friend, extremely dangerous.

Genie’s decision: heart versus duty

Dawn has suffered centuries of loneliness cooped up in a brass bottle. Now she has fallen in love with her new master, Luke, a stupid thing for a genie to do.

Luke still loves his ex-fiancee and realizes the beautiful genie he frees from an ancient bottle may be the key to winning Evelyn back. How can Dawn reconcile what her heart desires with what duty demands of her?

Linda McLaughlin said...

Wow, these all sound really good! Thanks for sharing them here.

hotcha12 said...


Linda McLaughlin said...

Thanks for stopping by, LB!

Shar Dimick said...


Thanks for highlighting the book buffet on your blog. I'm excited to be a part of it too. For those contemporary romance fans:

Content to hide behind her camera, Maddy Adams often feels more comfortable observing life rather than actively participating in it. For the past five years she’s focused only on her studies and building her photography career. The summer after her college graduation, Maddy returns to Lake of the Pines for her sister Liv’s wedding. While she’s happy her sister has found love again, Maddy wonders if she’ll ever find love herself. Her college roomie keeps pressuring her to go out with her older brother, who happens to be vacationing at the same lake. Maddy doesn't want to go on another blind date, but after blowing it with the gorgeous man she met on the beach she doesn't have anything to lose. Or does she?

Liv Reynolds can't remember when anxiety and panic didn't play havoc on her life. Recently divorced from a man who wouldn't or couldn't understand her, she retreats with her daughter to her grandmother's summer cottage on Lake of the Pines. Liv has fond memories of the summers she spent there with her grandparents. Always a safe haven, she hopes to spend the summer relaxing, healing and finding herself again. In the midst of a panic attack, she finds herself face-to-face with Cameron Preston, the boy with whom she'd spent her childhood summers. In love with him back then, she never found the courage to tell him and they drifted apart...Her heart leaps at the second chance for love. Confusion swamps her as she tries to figure out why Cam keeps pulling away... Can Liv rekindle their old friendship and to turn it into something more?

hotcha12 said...


Linda McLaughlin said...

It's a book addicts dream, isn't it? :D

hotcha12 said...