Monday, June 11, 2007

Off to a late start.

Well, after a non-starter last week, I've finally been able to participate in the library Summer Fun Program. The whole outlook thing was a problem for me since I'm a substitute librarian mostly working from home. Today has been fun, though.

I'd done some blogging before, but never started one of my own. The RSS info was completely new to me, however. The news junkie in me is jazzed beyond belief by my bloglines account, but the overworked author is groaning. I'm behind on my deadline for June already.

I took the name of this blog from the author newsletter I use for the books I write as Linda McLaughlin, my real name. (So much for privacy.) In the last newsletter, I wrote about Tea since another author and I spoke at a tea at Fullerton Public Library. Here's a link to the newsletter, if anyone is interested:

Dinner time now. More later.


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diane lake forest said...

hey, I like your background! And I agree with the news feeds. They are great but ARE taking up my time...oh's still kind of fun, even for a Generation Jonser...dlf