Sunday, June 24, 2007

SFP Week 4 - Image Generators, part 1

Since Ed emailed and posted this week's topics, I took the advantage of "car race Sunday" at my house to get a head start on the assignments. The DH is a long-time racing fan, and summer Sundays often find him glued to the TV set. :D

I'm using the slow modem again, so to start I just went to

and clicked on "Murphy" (the Slogan generator: Terrible things mixed with popular commercial slogans.) to see what I got. Most of them were unprintable, but there were a few I liked that I could share.

Sweet, sweet love.
All natural, no caffeine.
(This appeals to the romantic in me, and may end being used in some of my promotions. :D)

Chuck Norris
An army of one
(I think he'd like that one.)

The magic begins.
(Works for me!)

Dumb people.
Kid tested. Mother approved.
(After all, maternal love should be unconditional.)

Later this week I'll try some of the image generators. Hope everyone is having a good day. (Hope someone reads this some day.)



Necrolemur said...

At least one person is reading!

I particularly like the "Dumb people" slogan...

Some days I feel like that should be posted above the reference desk!

Linda McLaughlin said...

LOL, that would be good above the info desk, wouldn't it?