Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hi from Portland

Just a quick note from Portland while I wait for lunch to start. We've been having a great time here at EPICon.

Thursday we did some sightseeing including the Chinese Garden which is a lovely oasis of calm in the midst of downtown Portland. I'll be posting some pictures next week. Afterwards we had lunch in a "haunted pizzeria" in a building that was built as a hotel in 1885. It's tied into the underground tunnels in Portland, and it's supposedly haunted by a former "working girl".

The video presentation this morning went very well. Tonight is the EPPIE awards banquet, so my nerves aren't calm yet. I have to present one award and I'm up for another. Wish me luck! Hope I don't fall over my feet on the way to the podium.

More to come next week.

Lyndi / Linda

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