Saturday, March 1, 2008

Read an e-Book Week

Today is the first day of "Read an e-Book Week", an annual event that draws attention to electronic books. I won't go into all the pros and cons of e-books here, but I will stay that e-books probably saved my marriage. ;) Before e-books, I used to have to sneak my book purchases into the house when my husband wasn't looking. Being able to store my reading matter on the computer hard drive instead of trying to find a place for yet another print book in my over-cluttered house has been a real godsend.

I've been reading e-books for 8 years or so now, and I'm a big fan. I started reading on my laptop, but it wasn't long until I wanted a handheld reader. My first one was a Franklin eBookman which I found less than satisfying, even before it quit working completely. So a few years ago, when I had a chance to pick up an RCA/Gemstar 1100 at a good price I jumped at it. (RCA had purchased the Rocket Book.) My 1100 still works just fine and I still enjoy reading on it. (The updated version is the eBookwise 1150, still sold online.) I still read occasionally on my PDA, too.

However, my favorite reader is my new Amazon Kindle. It's not the electronic ink I like as much as the size of the device and the fact that it's so lightweight I can easily hold it in one hand. I like the bigger screen, though that's also true of my 1100. Click here to read my Kindle review.

Who else reads e-books? Why or why not?

If you do, do you read on your computer or on a personal device?

Linda / Lyndi


Rhonda said...

Another advantage that I can see for ebooks is the storage issue. My books that don't end up as "keepers" get sent on to a charity. An ebook seems very "green."

I still read "old school" (paper book) or off the monitor here. Readers need to get cheaper for me.

Linda McLaughlin said...


I don't think print books are going to disappear any time soon, but I know I'd be buying fewer books if I didn't have the e-book option. Of course, I always buy more than I can read, LOL.

And I'm such a dope. I guess having an extra day got me confused. Today is March 1 and Read and E-book Week doesn't actually start until tomorrow, March 2. Oh, well.


Beth said...

Today I learned how to get the photos out of my camera & into my computer. Books? Ay yay yay. It sounds convenient and I like the green factor but it might have to wait until I learn how to use the new scanner, do stuff in photo shop and build my web site. Like my ipod it sounds like a gadget I would love.

Joan said...

I have read a few ebooks and would probably read more if I had an ebook reader. Besides not having to find room for print books the ebook reader would be more convenient for taking on trips.

Anonymous said...

One of my "going green" goals for 2008 is to get an ebook reader." Getting used to the format change seems a small price for cutting down on (lame pun acknowledged) distroying trees.


Linda McLaughlin said...


You should check out the eBookwise 1150 at It runs less than $150 and I don't know anyone who has one who doesn't love it.

Joan, you're absolutely right about an e-book reader being great for a vacation. You can load dozens of books on the reader and just carry that one little item. I love it. :)

R, hope you can get a device this year, too. I know there are some who say e-books aren't any better ecologically because they use electricity (though not much, really), but you can't deny that reading e-books saves trees!


HOTCHA1 said...


yeah, for years i had to sneak books in also but with ebooks he's none the wiser, has not read a book in 33 years and gripes about the books i win cluterring up the house! i still sneak them into my bedroom. i loce the fictionwise ereader but i just wish they i bought more memory but being on disbility i could barely afford the 125.00 for the basic model and sony can forget it as amazon too! i just have to delete the books as i read them to free up memory. word to the wise, fictionwise will only let you download in pdf IF you buy from them but mostly you can chane to text and it downloads fine

Linda McLaughlin said...


I'm so glad to learn I'm not the only avid reader who had to sneak books into the house. ;) A computer manual is my hubby's idea of light reading.

My REB 1100 has limited memory, too, but like you said, I just delete the books after I've read them. I keep a backup on my hard drive, though, because I've been known to re-read a really good book. The Sony & Kindle are expensive, but the price may come down eventually. We can but hope.


Anonymous said...

Hello, Kathleen Rowland here, owner of eBookwise. I'm extremely happy with it, and it was within Santa's budget, only $120 with lots of storage. Happy EBOOK reading week everyone.

Linda McLaughlin said...


The eBookwise is wonderful. What a nice present from Santa. :) Glad you're enjoying it.


>Hello, Kathleen Rowland here, owner of eBookwise. I'm extremely happy with it, and it was within Santa's budget, only $120 with lots of storage. Happy EBOOK reading week everyone.<