Monday, July 7, 2008

Blogging Hiatus / Obamaisms

I'm taking a blogging hiatus for a few days in hopes of actually getting some writing done these next few days, so no My Town Monday post from me today. As usual, Travis Erwin has a MTM Monday post about Amarillo area plus a list of other MTM posts at his blog, One Word, One Rung, One Day.

I'll re-post the Obamamania widget, so there's something fun here.

Have a good week!

Linda / Lyndi


Note to my blogging friends: please forgive me if I don't stop by to comment for a few days. I'll be back when I can.



Anonymous said...

Linda, you're excused. :-) After all, writing is what many of us should be doing, yes? Come back to us when you can.


Rhonda said...

No prob. :) Enjoy going deep into your story.

Beth said...

We'll see you soon. I love that delving deep part of the story, can't wait to see what you've written.

Linda McLaughlin said...

Thanks, Debbie, Rhonda and Beth. I made some real progress on the story this week.