Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ilona's Wolf video trailer

I finally finished and uploaded the video trailer for my latest release, Ilona's Wolf. (Yes, I know the idea for a trailer is to build up demand before the books is released, but I just couldn't manage it this time.)

I managed to get this one into exactly 60 seconds, so I'm making progress here. My first trailers were 3-4 minutes long, which is way too long. I've noticed it's harder to find royalty-free music I like that's short, but I can usually find something I love by Kevin McLeod at

Here's the new trailer. Hope you like it.

For more information and an excerpt, go to

Linda / Lyndi


Beth said...

That trailer was so cool! I loved the photos and music! You did a great job! Now I HAVE to read the book!
You can get to my myspace at:

remlane said...

Wow - you did a great job!! And on the cheap. Tess Gerritsen blogged on Murderati about the production of her trailer, which she sank some bucks into.

Boy, not only do we have to write good books, but we have to master all forms of media these days (blogs, websites, book trailers, podcasts, etc.) Yikes!

But you did it! And a great job, too.

Linda McLaughlin said...

Thanks, Beth. I sent you a friend request at MySpace.

Rhonda, you're so right about how it's not enough just to write good books anymore. I wouldn't take the time with the videos if I didn't enjoy doing them though. Just another way to be creative. I can imagine what Tess Gerritsen's video cost though if it's live action. That's way out of my budget!


pattinase (abbott) said...

Just lovely. These are so much fun if another anxiety for writers.

Anonymous said...

Nicely done, Linda. Very tasteful and exciting! -Kathleen

Anonymous said...

I love it, Linda! The music is wonderful and the howls at the end gave me goosebumps. Beautiful job!

Linda McLaughlin said...

Thanks, everyone.

Debbie, glad you liked the wolf howl at the end. I was going to put it at the beginning, but couldn't get it to work, lol. I'm still learning.


Kathleen Rowland said...

Linda, I agree that short is sweet when it comes to trailers. Yours is just right. -Kathleen

Travis Erwin said...

Nicely done.

Linda McLaughlin said...

Thanks, Kathleen and Travis. I'm learning as I do this.