Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday, Scorpio

Scorpio was a recent Urban Word of the Day, which reminded me I'm late with my monthly astrology post. Here's the Urban Dictionarydefinition of the word:

Scorpios are sensual, sexy and mesmerizing. they're loyal and sweet to the very end. they're highly intelligent have a quick wit. All the Scorpios I know are adventurous, curious and very loving.

damn that wendy girl is hot! she must be a scorpio!

In astrological circles, Scorpio definitely has a reputation as one of the sexier signs. Scorpio's passion is legendary, and not just in matters of the heart. Your average Scorpio will throw himself into whatever interests him with abandon. (Like her or not, after this year's primary election, I doubt anyone will dispute Scorpio Hillary Clinton's passion for politics.) Scorpio intensity can be either intimidating or mesmerizing and can be used for good or ill. Consider the fact that Billy Graham, Leon Trotsky and Senator Joseph McCarthy were all Scorpios. One used his powers of persuasion to bring people to God, one to foment revolution and the latter conducted a modern-day witch hunt. All were forces to be reckoned with.

Other famous Scorpios
include Sarah Bernhardt, Charles Atlas, Johnny Carson, Kevin Kline, Pablo Picasso, Jaclyn Smith, Dylan Thomas, Sylvia Plath, Jonas Salk, John Cleese, Bill Gates, Richard Dreyfuss, Winona Ryder, Kate Jackson, Truman Capote, Henry Winkler, Harry Hamlin, Dan Rather, Steven Crane, Larry Flint, Marie Antoinette, Burt Lancaster, Pat Buchanan, sex researcher Shere Hite, Roseanne Arnold, Will Rogers, Loretta Swit, Vivian Leight, Art Garfunkel and Paul Simon, Tatum O'Neal, Sally Field, Maria Shriver, Marie Curie, Albert Camus, Bill Graham, Katherine Hepburn, Bonnie Raitt, Hedy Lamarr, Richard Burton, General George Patton, Kurt Vonegut, Demi Moore, Grace Kelly, Whoopi Goldberg, Prince Charles, Ed Asner, Rock Hudson, Martin Scorsese, Martin Luther, Indira Gandhi, Ted Turner, Jody Foster, Robert F. Kennedy and Presidents James K Polk, James Garfield, Theodore Roosevelt, and Warren G. Harding.

My apologies to my Scorpio friends for being late with this post and to all my blogger friends for not visiting their blogs as often. I hope to get back to regular blogging some day soon. The back is improving, but it's a slow process.



Teresa said...

Your post almost makes me wish I were a Scorpio. Glad to hear your back is getting better.


deboradale said...

I'm sorry your back is still giving your trouble but I'm happy to hear it's somewhat better. Here's hoping the pain is gone completely by the time you read this message.

My mom is a Scorpio, btw. I wonder how the sign affects one's ability to heal. She's not normally a positive thinker, but with rounds of chemo well on the way, I have to say I'm very impressed with her outlook. Scorpio's are definitely tough, confident and proud.


Linda McLaughlin said...

Debbie, Scorpio is the sign of metamorphosis and rebirth, so that's a good omen for your mom. Scorpios are fighters, as I know from my dad and his mother. She lived to 87 and he almost made it to his 90th birthday. Hope your mom lives even longer.


Jenny Jill said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog, Linda! I love the sunrise. We have several inches of snow right now. I cannot see the lake 400 m (437 yds.!) across the way for the blizzard. The wind is blowing hard. The white caps add some punctuation to the scene.
The cats wake me at 5:00 a.m. and want out to play. I have to run downstairs and get the camera -the scene is so glorious.

/fellow back pain sufferer

Kathleen Rowland said...

Linda, I admire the Scorpio's spirit. We could all use a bit of their sting. Linda, I hope your back feels better soon. Debbie, your mother is brave with her positive outlook during her chemo rounds. -Kathleen