Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tricks, Not Treats, in Anaheim

I've lived in the same house for 22 years and my husband has lived here nearly 30 years. We seldom give out candy on Halloween night, and we've never had any repercussions - until last night.

About 7:40PM last evening, we heard something hit the house. By the time we got to the door, no one was in sight, but the house had been egged. In the morning we found a printed sign that read "Give out candy next time, Ass-hole". We saw other signs up and down the street, but don't know if anyone else's house was egged or not. This makes me a lot less inclined to give out candy next time. I won't be blackmailed by a bunch of punks!

Hope your Halloween was more fun than ours.



Teresa said...

Wow. That's too bad, Linda. I hope it wasn't too hard to clean up. Sometimes dried on egg white doesn't wash off with just water. We didn't give out candy, either, but at least our house didn't get egged.


Travis Erwin said...

You should give out something really nasty next year ... like lettuce. that'll teach them.

Linda McLaughlin said...

Teresa, glad your house wasn't egged, too.

Great idea, Travis. I'm thinking Brussels sprouts. (very evil grin)


lyzzydee said...

I agree with travis, chocolate dipped carrot slices, yum yum!!

debra said...

Too bad that happened, Linda. We've had our mailbox egged and TP'd but never the house.

Barbara Martin said...

Too bad about getting egged. A good clean up ingredient is hot water and vinegar. Thank goodness you don't get frost. Then you'd need to use a scrub brush instead of just a cloth to get the egg off.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Yikes. We are often not home on the 31st-this year included.

Barrie said...

What was it the coneheads gave out on Saturday Night Live? Fried eggs and beer?? Maybe you could hand out fried eggs next year! All joking aside, what appalling behavior.

Linda McLaughlin said...

lyzzydee, chocolate-dipped carrot slices sounds pretty good.

Thanks for the vinegar tip, Barbara. We'll try that.

Patti, we're not always home on the 31st either, so I hope this will be a one-time thing.

Barrie, fried eggs and beer, huh? Too good for the little creeps. ;)


Kathleen Rowland said...

Linda, those tricksters were bad eggs, rotten to the core. Something tells me they were prepared just to egg someone. Normal kids wouldn't have given any thought to passing by a house if the outside lights were turned off. Sorry, you had a mess to clean up. -Kathleen Rowland

Linda McLaughlin said...

So true, Kathleen. We're a couple blocks from the continuation school and we've seen kids hanging out in the neighborhood smoking (not just tobacco) and drinking. Last time they left an empty vodka bottle in the gutter.


Anonymous said...

Disgusting. How dare those punks act as if they deserved something for nothing. The very fact that they had eggs, something to write on and write with, tells me these freaks were out looking for trouble.
Our Halloween wasn't so good either but for different reasons - Daughter was sick. She got one lollipop then called it a night. We arrived home and found someone had stolen the basket of candy we left at the door. For years we've done that - left the basket outside while we trick-or-treated. This is the second - and final - year we'll be doing that. We go out, the basket goes in. Too bad a couple of punks ruin it for the rest. But that does seem to be the way of the world, doesn't it?