Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Fun Quiz: How Nerdy Are You?

In honor of the new Star Trek movie, I'm posting a quiz on nerdyness. I'm actually a little surprised I only got 36%, but then I don't have a game machine or a comic book collection. I do love Star Trek, though, and I'm hoping to get to see the new movie in the next week or so. So far all the reviews I've seen have been pretty positive.

You Are 36% Nerdy

You're a little nerdy, but no one would ever call you a nerd.

You sometimes get into nerdy things, but only after they've become a part of mainstream culture.

And are you planning to see the Star Trek movie?



Teresa said...

Hi Linda,

I love your quizzes. I'm 40% nerdy. It must be the calculus that I took and passed in high school.


Kathleen Rowland said...

Oh I don't know, Linda. Some may call me a nerd. I have a masters in computer science, so yes. Of course I'm going to the Star Trek movie!

Linda McLaughlin said...

Yep, Teresa, passing calculus will do it.

Kathleen, I didn't know you had a degree in computer science. Cool.

FWIW I took the Star Trek quiz in Friday's OC Register and scored 18 out of 20. Live long and prosper. ;)

David Cranmer said...

Whew! I'm 28% nerdy. I was expecting far worse...

Linda McLaughlin said...

LOL David. 28% isn't bad.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Only 8%. And the fact that I had to think twice about what a percentage sign looks like proves it.

Lyndi Lamont said...

Patti, ROFL. Sounds like math wasn't your thing in school.


remlane79/RhondaL said...

I'm surprised to find out that I'm only 28% nerd. But --
I just blogged about Uhura.
I have a ham radio license.
I spend so much time on a computer that I feel like the ghost in the machine.

Still, that was fun. Thanks!

Lyndi Lamont said...

I know what you mean, Rhonda. It seems like I'm on the computer all the time. When my sciatica-like problems started last fall, my DG diagnosed it as "computer butt". ;) I'll have to check out your blog about Uhuru.

Barbara Martin said...

I turned out to be 36% nerdy: must be because I like Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica (the first version).

Linda McLaughlin said...

We're a perfect match, Barbara, at 35%, lol. I loved TNG and Battlestar Galactica, too. Not to mention Babylon 5 which I thought had some of the best writing of any science fiction show on TV, not to mention positively Byzantine plotting.