Friday, October 16, 2009

Quick Update

This has been a difficult month for me. I've come down with a nasty head cold, and a few weeks ago my Toshiba laptop was hit by a trojan virus. The good news is that I have built-in tech support (my DH), so fixing it didn't cost much. It took a lot of time though. We finally had to perform shock therapy on poor Toshi. By that I mean, digging the recovery disk out of the manufacturer's box and using it to wipe the hard drive clean and re-install the manufacturer's settings. Sigh. I did a complete backup first, of course, so none of my writing or personal files were lost.

Now I have a brand new old computer, and I've been laboriously copying my old data files back over and re-installing the programs I like to use. Now if I can only find my copy of Word 2003, I'll be back in business.

This is the first time in my writing life, I can honestly say, "thank heavens I'm not on a tight deadline!"

Watch out for those Trojans. Nasty little buggers. Some people need to get a life!

I'm blogging today at A Slice of Orange about Naming My Muse. Drop by if you get a chance.



Barbara Martin said...

I had problems in September with Google that shut down my internet security. The internet security provider nicely took the trashed software out and replaced it in one evening. I've also had problems picking up the odd invasive bug from different blogs.

Glad to hear you're up and running again, Linda.

Teresa said...

Glad you got the computer virus conquered, Linda. Hope the human virus/cold gets better soon, too (without shock therapy)!

Lyndi Lamont said...

Barbara, glad your computer problems were fixed quickly.

Teresa, I hope the head cold doesn't require shock therapy, too! At least the fever seems lessened today.

Barrie said...

Our desktop came down with a trojan. We had to take it in to the Geek Squad. it's still with them. :(

Linda McLaughlin said...

Barrie, hope your computer comes home soon virus free. It's such a drag when that happens.

Barrie said...

Oh, and I can prod you blog in the middle of the month too. :)