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Egg-cerpt Exchange: Fires of A Keltic Moon

Please help me welcome my guest today, *lizzie starr, who shares an excerpt from Fires of A Keltic Moon. I do love time travel romance. Welcome, Lizzie!

Since Linda and I share a love of pups, here's an excerpt from my time travel, Fires of A Keltic Moon. You never know how the past may connect with the present... 

Danger lurks in the long ago of Iain’s time and becomes a threat to Lara’s present. Can Lara and Iain defeat the evil and make their ways through time to find the love they both desire?


Lara Zeroun needs something in her life, so she opens a portal in time and travels to the ancient Highlands. But, how can she become involved with a dark, mysterious man who belongs to another time?


Due to the matriarchal line of inheritance, Iain is no longer able to lay claim to his father's lands. He's prepared to leave--until a golden-haired woman visits the manor on the arm of a wandering storyteller. But, with no land or possessions, Iain dares not succumb to the temptation of Lara.


Danger lurks in Iain's time and becomes a threat to Lara's present. Will Lara and Iain be able to defeat the evil and make their ways through time--finding the love they both desire?


Lara leaned forward trying to see past the boy's narrow back as Stephen bent over the table. Finally, curiosity won and she stood to one side of the boy. His tongue peeked from one side of his mouth as he carefully formed large, shaky letters on the hide.

Amazed, Lara bent closer. "You know how to write?" Stephen finished a letter, placed a large dot after it and smiled up at her. "Aye, m'lady, master Iain teaches me."

Lara glanced at Iain in wonder. Sure that in this time only a few could read or write, she found the generosity it took to find the time to teach a small child his letters endearing. This kindness was filed away in her heart, hoarded with other memories she hoped would last forever.

"Master Iain? What do the letters say?" Stephen held the hide to Iain, who took it by the edges to keep from smearing the charcoal letters. Nodding sagely he looked from the hide to the boy and back again. There were matching happy glints in both sets of eyes.

"Ye make fine letters, lad. Ye have been practicin'."

A faint red crept under the dirt on Stephen's face. "Aye, Master Iain. But, what do the letters say?" Stephen bounced eagerly in his excitement to know.

"Ye made plainly the letters n, o, i, and d. What do ye wish of this word?"

"'Tis the name of me dog, sir."

Iain tapped one finger against the hide. "Ye wish to name yer dog Noid? 'Tis a mightily strange name, lad."

"It be the name I choose. Ye canna make me change me mind." Small fists clenched at Stephen's side and defiance burned in his eyes. He glared at Iain.

"I dinna wish to change it, just wonderin' at the strangeness of it." Iain held the scrap of hide toward Lara. "What'd ye think of the name, Lara?"

But she had heard nothing after Iain recited the letters. Noid? How could there be two black dogs with the same strange name? Her grandfather told her he named his dog Noid because it was a word he had liked the sound of. Two Stephens, two Noids. It couldn't be.

"Lara?" Iain touched her arm.

"I..." Confused, she looked between Stephen and the puppy. "Uh, why did you pick that name?"

"The word sounds guid. 'Tis a fine name, is it no', m'lady?"

"Yes, it's a good name." Lara sank onto the bench next to Iain and bent to scratch the curious puppy behind the ears. Noid's head turned so she could give attention to a particular spot behind his left ear. The exact spot her grandfather's dog always wanted scratched. She gasped and jerked her hand away.

Beitris had turned to the pastries she was preparing for the next day while Iain and Stephen were bent over the hide, as Iain taught his young pupil the first five numbers. No one noticed her confusion. Only intelligent, black eyes watched her as the small dog cocked his head to one side, seeming to smile at her.

Fires of a Keltic Moon, the second book of The Double Keltic Triad, is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords and on itunes!

Find out more about this book and The Double Keltic Triad and read an excerpt on my website.


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