Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Social Networking

Except for MySpace, I found this week's sites somewhat less satisfying and fun to browse. Too many of them required users to set up an account before being able to use them, and I just don't want to set up that many accounts for sites I may never use again. I guess I'm about at the point of "enough is enough". :D

I did search for Fullerton Public Library and found the FPL YA page, plus Shirley's and Danny's pages. I already have a MySpace page for my writer pseudonym, so I'm familiar with how it works. However, being part-time, I have no interest in setting up a page for my library persona.

I searched on ebooks, a subject that intersts me and found nearly 10,000 hits. Obviously I needed to refine the search a bit.

Then I chose to look for the page of presidential candidate Mike Gravel, whom I have enjoyed listening to during the Democratic debates. He's a "tell it like it is" kind of guy, as is Ron Paul on the Republican side, and I greatly appreciate having a "truth teller" in each party's debates. Can you tell I'm just a little bit jaded where politics are concerned?

Here's the link for Mike's page at MySpace:


And in the interest of fairness, here's the link to Ron Paul's page, too:


That's all for now.


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