Thursday, July 12, 2007

What I found to be

Okay, I have to admit I enjoyed a lot more than, even though I never could find the tutorial to watch. I think this has lots of possibilities, and I want to get an account. :D I regularly use three or four computers every week (personal desktops in two homes, my laptop and the information desk computer), so having my bookmarks available to me online would be extremely useful.

Just for fun, I did a search for writing, garnered 187,620 hits! Refining it to "writing+novels" brought it down to 1,384 hits and adding "+romance" narrowed search to 141, which is more like it.

Search results included online reviewers, the RWA (Romance Writers of America) website, publishers, author websites & blogs, yaoi, promo groups, and>this site on research flaws in romance novels - fortunately she doesn't name names!

I also found an interesting site about "American Women's Dime Novels, 1870-1920". I always thought most of the dime novels were men's action/adventure, Westerns, etc., but apparently not. Pretty cool, IMHO.


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