Thursday, July 26, 2007

Podcasting and interactive stuff

I searched through for "romance" and found the following:

Romancing The O.C. with Orange County Romance Writers of America, a series of podcasts done by my friend and fellow author Jina Bacarr.
I didn't get a chance to check out Second Life, but earlier this year I explored something similar in the software used by The Romance Galleria, a site that brings authors and readers together. This is free downloadable software where you can move your avatar from one room of the galleria to another. The rooms include an Exhibit Hall where authors have rooms exhibiting their books to a cafe and a theater where video book trailers play. It was kind of fun to try once, but I've never gone back.

This has been a difficult week for me. I've spent most of it where my internet access was a modem connection on an old computer with no speakers, so I wouldn't have been able to hear the podcasts, and I wouldn't even try downloading videos. Maybe next week will be better.


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