Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Yacht Party, Anyone?

This has to be the sexiest political ad since "Call Me, Harold".

The background on this is that California tax law had a loophole that allowed owners of yacht and private jets to avoid sales tax by keeping their purchase out of state for 90 days from the time of purchase. Apparently the state Republican party still supports the loophole, despite the state's massive budget deficits. Courage Campaign and the Calif. Nurse's Association teamed up to make the ad. They did a bang-up job of it, IMO.

I heard that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger chickened out of attending an actual "yacht party" in San Francisco last Friday, after the ad aired in Sacramento, the state capital. Thanks to YouTube, we can all enjoy it. It would make a great book trailer for an erotic novel, don't you think?



Anonymous said...

Great video, Linda. It's infuriating what gaping and obvious loopholes there are, isn't it? And they just seem to be getting bigger and bigger, but oddly, never for us. Thanks for sharing this... and you're right. I WOULD be a great erotica book trailer!

Linda McLaughlin said...

It is infuriating, Debbie. We have two tax systems in this country - one for the rich and one for everybody else. If I buy a new car, I get charged tax up front!

The Democrats aren't lily white in this either, since the yacht loophole would never have passed without their complicity. At least they're trying to close it now.