Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Town Monday: Modjeska Park, Anaheim

I live a few blocks from Modjeska Park in west Anaheim, and I've often gone there to walk the winding paths when I'm in the mood to exercise, alas, a mood that doesn't strike often. It's a really nice park, with large shade tress, and it's larger than it seems: 24 acres in all. It includes a children's play area, basketball court, and a lighted softball diamond, complete with concession stand. There are picnic tables and barbecue facilities sprinkled throughout and the park is well-used, though it's hard to tell by the picture I took early Saturday morning. (It was still a little on the cool side.)

The park is named after the famous, 19th century Polish actress Helena Modjeska who lived in Anaheim for a time in the latter part of the century. Helena Street is also named after her.

I expect the park to be full for Memorial Day, though I won't be there. I'll be home writing. That may not seem very patriotic on a day designated to remember our veterans, but in fact, I think about them and our men and women in uniform a lot. I have ever since the two wars we're currently engaged in started. I'm really happy the new G.I. Bill passed Congress and I hope it will become law soon. Our veterans give so much and they deserve to be taken care of once they come home. That means good health care and opportunities to attend college and find good jobs.

What will you be doing on Memorial Day?


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Anonymous said...

Hi Linda, enjoyed photo of huge Modjeska Park in Anaheim. Isn't it wonderful that we have so many public areas for picnics. I am glad the new G.I. Bill passed also. We are going to have a backyard picnic tomorrow with our two daughters, my husband, and I. The menu will be hot dogs with trimmings (chili,etc) cheeseburgers, KFC cole slaw, and tossed salad. Write hard, Linda.

Terrie Farley Moran said...

Hi Linda,

Great post. Beautiful park.

I will have the MTM Memorial Day post up on Women of Mystery on Monday morning at 8 AM EST, but I'll give you a preview. I'll spend part of the day watching my oldest grand-daughter march in the local Memorial Day Parade.


Linda McLaughlin said...

Hope you have a wonderful picnic, Kathleen. I can't remember the last time I ate a hot dog. Too bad it isn't warmer though.


Linda McLaughlin said...

Terrie, what fun to watch your granddaughter in the parade. I'll check out your post.


Barrie said...

Fun photo! I'll either take a walk or go on a bike ride with my kids, revise ms #2, and grill chicken. Happy Memorial Day!

Travis Erwin said...

Sadly, I'm working today, but as you can tell there isn't much actual labor going on.

Linda McLaughlin said...

I got some writing done today, so I'm a happy camper. :D Hope everyone had a nice day.


deboradale said...

That park is beautiful. What I love most about the way you describe it, I think, is how people all come together to enjoy it. Like easier times when people mingled and had fun. Lovely.
We spent the memorial weekend out doors (I blogged all about it). The weather cooperated so we had a wonderful time.

Anonymous said...

Hope you were a good girl, and got your writing in over the weekend, Linda. Sounds like you are under deadline. -Kathleen

Linda McLaughlin said...

Debbie, the park is peaceful. I enjoyed your blog about your Memorial Day weekend and I left a comment. Happy Birthday!

Kathleen, yes, I'm on deadline and I did get some writing done. I hope to finish up this afternoon. :D


Anonymous said...

Linda, the photo of the park makes me feel blissful and relaxed. It's so green and lush. Kathleen

Debbielou said...

Looks like a beautiful place to go to

pattinase (abbott) said...

Missed this last week. Join me in Detroit tomorrow. Patti